This right here is what you could call a "quality blog". And with music, especially electronic music, it's not all about quantity, which is what the major blogs want you to think considering how many tracks they post, but the quality of the music chosen. And to better appreciate electronic music and everything connected to it, you have to take in the information slowly. That's why I'm here. I'm giving you that, and anything else out of my thoughts and opinions that I think blog-worthy. And I'm sorry but even though I know that almost all of you like the blog run by someone or other just talking about their mundane lives and how they just got the new blah or went to bleh or did blargh or how bleh makes them happy and blah pisses them off, I won't bore you with all the minute details of my unimportant life. So follow this blog, unfollow it, like the posts, reblog them, praise them, hate them, hate me, love me, do whatever you want, but most importantly, enjoy.

The human race, so small in the vast scope of everything. Oh, but they have something that makes them stand above all the rest on this insignificant planet, a way to comprehend all this vastness, all the beauty of the universe, and to take in everything around them and move forward: Imagination. You take this away and the sum of human existence amounts to absolutely nothing. How brilliant.
Robert Breazu

Me and my comrades made a video for a competition for the band Other Lives. We’d greatly appreciate it if you check out the video, and vote it up if you want (facebook like button on the banner).

Showing some love for the now 10,200 fans on his Facebook and around the world, Sun Glitters (Victor Ferreira) has released a brand new single in collaboration with the ever-mysterious Denmark band Sleep Party People. The lulling, almost alien-like vocals of S.P.P. go perfectly with the lull of the lush drum sounds that have come to define Sun Glitters. A track that is serene throughout, it allows you to block everything out and simply escape. The song is available for free download from his Bandcamp. Chillout and enjoy.

Happy birthday to Bono!
52 years old. Now, please stop this world peace humanitarian madness and make a good album. Get out of America. Do whatever it takes. 

Happy birthday to Bono!

52 years old. Now, please stop this world peace humanitarian madness and make a good album. Get out of America. Do whatever it takes. 

Happy birthday to Dave Gahan!
50 years old and still rocking. 

Happy birthday to Dave Gahan!

50 years old and still rocking. 

Purity Ring - Obedear

Fresh from the oven, the first track pulled directly from Purity Ring’s debut album slated for release 07/24/2012 on 4AD and Last Gang Records. Posted earlier about this, but now it has been confirmed: it will be a full album, aptly titled Shrines. Based on the title and what’s been released so far, I can only say that the rest of the album is going to be nothing less than fantastic.

UPDATE: Tracklist is as follows - 

01 Crawlersout
02 Fineshrine
03 Ungirthed
04 Amenamy
05 Grandloves
06 Cartographist
07 Belispeak
08 Saltkin
09 Obedear
10 Lofticries
11 Shuck

Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face (1984)

'Les yeux sans visage,' Idol's second single from Rebel Yell, and his first single to break the top 10 in the U.S. Recorded with a Linn LM-1 Drum Machine and bass played by Steve Webster. Classic.

Just 30 minutes ago, GRANT’s self-titled album dropped. 10 tracks full of masterful beats that I recommend you check out right now. You can download the album for free from Relief in Abstract’s bandcamp page, or, if your feeling generous, pay whatever you want to help support R.I.A.’s artists, including GRANT. 

Com Truise - Slow Peels

I have gone through a massive amount of music in the past few weeks, and the one producer that immediately made it to the top of my list was Seth Haley, aka Com Truise. Currently based in Princeton, New Jersey, Com Truise is Seth’s most recent musical project, under which he has released one EP and a full-length packed with “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk”. Clearly influenced by synthpop bands of the 80s, it sounds like a classic 80s track that has been smudged, bruised, and reprocessed by a video game’s CPU. Slow Peels is a track off of his Cyanide Sisters EP and one of my favorite tracks of his. I’ve always been into synth-based music, but this music is simply refreshing. I like it so much that any more words would simply diminish it. Much respect to Seth. You can find Cyanide Sisters on Spotify and his newest album Galactic Melt either on Spotify or on his Bandcamp.

Purity Ring - Belispeak

7•24•2012 and a pair of lungs. Yesterday, Purity Ring announced their signing with 4AD and the fact that they will release something on the aforementioned date. I recently saw them in concert as the opening act for Neon Indian in Athens, GA, and I can honestly say that they were the best opening act I’ve seen in the few concerts I’ve been to. That’s my opinion, but here’s a fact: they played for a solid 45 minutes and had enough new material to fill a decent-sized album. For those of you that already know about Purity Ring, it’s a long wait, but I can tell it’s going to be worth it. For those that don’t, I’ll fill you in: Purity Ring is the lush, hip-hop inspired beats of Corrin Roddick and sweet, sometimes lo-fi, sometimes chopped vocals of Megan James. And they’re from Canada eh! Some refer to the sound as “future pop,” but I would say that it’s a bit too dark to be labeled as pop. I’m not going to waste your time with any categorizing though, just give it a listen! One of their singles, Belispeak, is above and their other two singles can be found on their Soundcloud.